• Saint Crispin`s Day run #706

    Saint Crispin`s Day run #706

    October 26th 2023 Pushkin Square  THE HARE: MCD 
    PACK: huge 
    EXPECTATIONS: Very High  Weather: Perfect as one would expect  Scribe: MCD 

  • Dog Run #705

    October 19th 2023 Qixin Rd Line 12 THE HARE: Iron Bitch PACK: 5 (2 walkers 1 hare 2 runners) EXPECTATIONS: I expected to be a long way from civilization Weather: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t Scribe: MCD The 705th DOGS hash ever The Start: I arrived at the start, after a 4 hour train ride from downtown, to find Horny Hound and RPL supping beers at the restaurant next to the restaurant. No hare, or indeed any other runners were to be seen. “We found cold beer” they both exclaime…

  • Pup becomes a Dog Run #704

    October 12th 2023 Changshou Lu Exit 2 THE HARE: STcD PACK: lots EXPECTATIONS: Very Low Weather: Dry with patchy chalk marks Scribe: Attendees: STcD,, MCD, SMC...D, Horny Hound, RPL, PPP, 8 out of 10, Visiting DOG :Squirting Irish Setter, Naming of Black Shuck. The Start: As the pack gathered under the towering mountain attached to the side of a building in Changshou Lu, tensions were mounting. Will the hare be arrested again, will Corgi Sperm’s Tainwanese hasher turn up, what is a Black …

  • Dogstoberfest AGM and Run #700

    September 16th 2023 AGM and Run 700
     PACK: lots

  • D.O.G.S or O.G.S Run #684

    DOGS #684
    Thursday June 1st 2023
    Hare - STcD

  • Old Dog New Tricks Run #679

    DOGS #679
    Thursday April 27th 2023
    Hare - Tranny Bitch