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Where are you located?

We are located in Shanghai China

Who are The DOGS Hash House Harriers Shanghai

D.O.G.S Distinguished Overseas Gentlemen Shanghai. A Drinkingg Club with a Running Problem. We meet every thiurday evening 6.45pm start at 7.00pm.

More information: www.dogsh3.com or email: run@dogsh3.com

People also ask

Are there other Hash groups in Shanghai

Yes. Currently (2023) there are  5 other Hash House Harriers in Shanghai.


Shanghai Hash House Harriers : Meet every Sunday from 2'30pm Run/walking Trail starts at 3.00pm


D2H3 : Run/Walking trail twice a month, usually on a Saturday. This hash group takes you to the outskirts of Shanghai for some shiggy trails. 


Full Moon Hash : Once a month the Wednesday before the full moon (evening Run). Usually in the shiggy parts of Pudong.


Shanghai 7/11 H3 : The 7-ELEVEn H3 holds 2 runs a year - both on 7/11 (November 7th and July 11th). (Evening run/walk).

Shanghai Taiping Hash House Harriers : Every 2 to 3 months


What is the purpose of the Hash House Harriers?

The objectives of the Hash House Harriers as recorded on the club registration card dated 1950 are: To promote physical fitness among our members. To get rid of weekend hangovers. To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer.

How many Hashers are there?

Globally, there are more than 1,700 groups of Hash House Harriers, and you can find one in almost every major city in the world.9 May 2023

Where did the Hash House Harriers come from?

In 1938, a group of nine British officers in Kuala Lumpur started going for weekly runs to shake off their weekend hangovers. They didn't have any grand ambitions, but the small group — known as the Hash House Harriers — evolved into one of the world's biggest running collectives.31 May 2014

What are the markings on Hash House Harriers?

They're markings for a Hash trail. Each Hash has its own version of the markings used to show the Trail. Some are common to most Hashes, others are unique to each Hash. We use flour for the majority of our runs as it's easily seen (especially at night) and bio-degradable.

What do you call a first time hasher?

Virgin: first-time hasher; also applied to first-time hare. Virgin Lay: 1) a virgin hare's first trail; 2) a new kennel's first hash.

What do Hashers do?

Hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of r*nning, orienteering, and partying, where bands of Harriers and Harriettes chase Hares on eight-to-ten kilometer-long trails through town, country, jungle, and desert, all in search of exercise, camaraderie, and good times.

Why is it called harriers?

In a paper-chase, two 'hares' lay a trail of paper over the country, and the pack of 'hounds' try to catch up with them. Although this sport soon developed into cross country as we know it today, the earliest such clubs called themselves 'Hare and Hounds' or 'Harriers', and still do.

Who is the founder of the Hash House Harriers?

Alberto Stephano Ignatius Gispert

Alberto Stephano Ignatius Gispert known as “G” established the Hash House Harriers in colonial KL in 1938. In 1928, “G” joined Evatt & Co and was sent out on his first posting to Singapore.

What is a hashing club?

Hashing is a version of running similar to the hare and hounds with some drinking (optional) involved. Typically referred to a drinking club with a running problem, we are a team running experience. There is no racing, timing, or winning involved.

What is a hashing trail?

Hashing is basically a variant of "Hares and Hounds." On Saturday, one or two people (hares) set a trail, marked with flour or lime, which runs from 3-4 miles through a part of Princeton or the surrounding area, ending at a cooler of beer and soda.

What does a hasher get on his birthday?

When it is a hasher's birthday, it is common practice to put them in the middle of the Circle and dump the various ingredients of a birthday cake on their heads—raw eggs, flour, chocolate sauce, whipped cream… All hashers eventually receive a hash name which will become their new persona.24 Sept 2015