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The DOGS run every Thursday at 7pm from somewhere in Shanghai. Check the receding hareline below for details


Subway Map

(Almost) Easter in Jing'an

This week it's the last-minute stand-in Three Dogs Sucking on haring duties.  For some reason, he's decided to pick a totally random Jing'an Temple subway exit as the starting point.  No excuse this week for all the residents on the (better) side of the river -- Pudong -- who live near Line 2.  Those DOGS who are familiar with 3DS will not find it hard to guess where B is located.  Sadly, there will not be any Easter Bunnies in trial, but perhaps we can find a few afterwards...  There will, of course, be copious quantities of ice-cold Tsingtao Beer, and passable hunan food for the bash.  Don't miss it!


Run: 468

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2019 @ 7:00

Hare: Three Dogs Sucking

Venue: Jing'an Temple Metro Station, Exit 3 on Nanjing West Road. (静安寺地铁站,三号出口,南京西路)

Metro: Lines 2 or 7, or bus line 71.

Your 2018/19 Committee

Hash Master: Three Dogs Sucking

Master of Vice: Neutered Dog

Religious Advisor: Poodle Pubes

Hash Cash: Rabid Puppy Love

Hare Razor: Rabid Puppy Love

Strash: Tranny Bitch

Webmaster: Dogzilla

Tour Master: Dogshit

Hash Designer: Dingo



Run 469 - 25 Apr 2019 - Male Chauvenist Dog (St. George's Day)


--> Mark your Calendars <--

DOGS 10th Year Anniversary + DOGS 500th

05 September 2019, with Friday & Saturday special events

Organizer: Dino

Doin' it Doggy Style since 2009

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