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Patches RMB 15
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YAHOO GROUPS: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dogsh3/info

EMAIL: kevinwan@hotmail.com 

Wechat: wangwei3322 (need to write new DOGS member)

Subway Map

 DOGS 2020/2021 Committee
HM - No Dogs Allowed
Master of Vice - Spot
Hare Raiser - Chihuahua Dick
Purveyor of 85% - RPL
Tour Master - Corgi Sperm
WebMaster - K9
Stash - Dogzilla & Whore door dog
Cash - K9
Visiting RA Emeritus - Dog Shit
Overseas Envoy: Lame Dane.

Doin' it Doggy Style since 2009

​Thursday 27 August meet at 6:45pm for 7pm departure

DOGS #539, Thursday August 27, 2020

Hare: RPL

6:45pm for 7pm start. 

Meeting Point A: Exit 4, Loushanguan Lu Metro Station, Line 2 (3 stops and 8 minutes from Jing’an Temple)

This week will be a special celebration of The Year of NDA! One not to be missed by old DOGS and new DOGS. The run (5-6km) will be include lots of alleyways, a river, an elevated section, parks, you name it; walkers will help transport bags to circle, then to B and on to C. Yes, dinner starts at one location and finishes with a spectacular dessert at C. We will all continue with special entertainment (but no drink purchases necessary, if you know what I mean). Old DOGS will remember performing classic versions of American Pie, Bohemian Rhapsody, etc. on stage – young DOGS, show us what you can do. Don’t be shy, there’ll be sweeter backing voices guaranteed. Intrigued? You should be, so make sure to be there, virgin DOGS welcome as ever. All this for just 100rmb.

For latecomers, locations of circle, B and C will be posted during the evening so no excuses!

Cost ¥100 to include run/walk, circle beer and dinner.  30 if you circle only.


Receding Hareline

Run 540 Sept 3 Ass Dog

Run 541 Sept 10 Belfast Bitch/Chichuachua Dick

Run 542 Sept 17 Ain't Bernard

Run 543 Sept 24 Moaning Like a Bitch

Run 544 October 1 Sardine Sniffer

Run 545 Oct 8 Tranny Bitch

Run 546 Oct 15 LLB

Run 547 Oct 22 SLB

Run 548 Oct 29 MCD (St. Crispin's Day)

Run 549 Nov 5 Bullshit Dog (Guy Fawkes Day)

Run 550 Nov 12 Pig Dog

Run 551 Nov 19 Spot 

Run 552 Nov 26 Whore Door Dog

Run 553 Dec 3 3DS

Run 554 Dec 10 ________ 

Run 555 Dec 17 ________

Run 556 Dec 24 Yorkshire Terrier (Xmas Eve)

Run 557 Dec 31  _______


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