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YAHOO GROUPS: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dogsh3/info

EMAIL: kevinwan@hotmail.com 

Wechat: wangwei3322 (need to write new DOGS member)

Run #486 (August 22) 

Hare:  Tranny Bitch


A: Yulixiang Hunan Restaurant (Flagship Store)415 Dagu Road, 555 meters from Metro Line 2/12/13) Nanjing West Station (there are different exits at this 3 line Metro station, just go South East to Shimen No. 1 Road)


Meet at 7pm

A to A


Special Announcement:

To honor the 10th anniversary and at the same time the 500th run of the DOGS, this summer there will be a 3 days celebration. 

The first event is on Sept 5. The 500th run of the DOGS.   Normal time 7pm.  Further run details will be announced.  There will be a special shirt available for sale.

2nd event will be on the Friday Sept 6.  This will be a Gentlemen's dinner at a private room, formal attire with the anniversary shirt is compulsary for those have kilts please wear the kilts. Location and pricing of the event will be announced.  At this event, there will also be handover from the old management team to the new management team.

3rd event will be a joint run with the Drunken Dragon H3 on Saturday Sept 7. Unless further information to the contrary,  the meeting place will be usual place at Portman at 1pm on Saturday. So this will a joint run to celebrate DOGS 500th run and D2H3 300th run.

Subway Map

Your 2018/19 Committee

Hash Master: Three Dogs Sucking

Master of Vice: Neutered Dog

Religious Advisor: Poodle Pubes

Hash Cash: Rabid Puppy Love

Hare Razor: Rabid Puppy Love

Strash: Tranny Bitch

Webmaster: K-9

Tour Master: Dogshit

Hash Designer: Dingo



Run 487 Aug 29 hare needed

Sept 5 10th anniversary/500th run The Committee

Run 488 Sept 12 Dog with no name

Run 489 Sept 19 hare needed

Run 490 Sept 26 hare needed

--> Mark your Calendars <--

DOGS 10th Year Anniversary + DOGS 500th

05 September 2019, with Friday & Saturday special events

Organizer: Dino

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