Pup becomes a Dog Run #704

    October 12th 2023 Changshou Lu Exit 2  THE HARE: STcD
     PACK: lots
     Weather: Dry with patchy chalk marks  Scribe:

    Attendees: STcD,, MCD, SMC...D, Horny Hound, RPL, PPP, 8 out of 10,  Visiting DOG :Squirting Irish Setter, Naming of Black Shuck.

    The Start:

    As the pack gathered under the towering mountain attached to the side of a building in  Changshou Lu, tensions were mounting. Will the hare be arrested again, will Corgi Sperm’s  Tainwanese hasher turn up, what is a Black Shuck?!!!!A

    he unexpected arrival of the visiting DOG Squirting Irish Setter meant there were far more  runners than walkers on this epic A-B run. Luckily he decided to pack everything he owned i n his oversized backpack, so at least one of the 3 walkers managed to get some much  needed weight training in.
     The hare explained the 2 marks to the eager pack, looked at the massive back pack and  said, “fuck it, think i’ll run”, a wise move.

     The Run:
     The hare had decided to set the run the previous night. As you know, it makes no difference  what the weather channel says will happen if you do this, it will rain! “I’ve checked the last  2km and it’s fine” says the hare; Ha! We headed left out of the station, through some dark  alleys and into the park. This was the point I stopped laughing at the guys with head torches  as I fell up and down the unlit wet steps, instantly becoming the back runner.
     After dodging old ladies doing weird dancing, fighting several bike and scooter riders who  kept trying to run me over on the pavement, we finally made it to the creek. The check after he bridge was eventually solved and was a big loop to take us back on ourselves. That’s  where we found SIS, still checking from the previous check. Note to future hares, Effective  use of Oh Shit’s is needed if you set runs in confined areas.
     At the 7km point, we headed really close to Alan’s Hunan bash place, fantastic I thought, but  the trail continued. Then we passed Pie Society about a click later, pie and mash, thought I,  sounds good, but the trail continued. Then another click went by and the arrows went  straight to BnC, I can do a burger I said to no name Ray, but alas, we carried on. Eventually  we saw the end point, right next to an awesome Xinjiang Bashateria. I explained how great  the food at this place was to Ray. I ran into the restaurant demanding my bag, only to be told  by the staff that they had no clue what i was talking about. It turned out we were actually  next door at the cheapest Chinese restaurant in Shanghai. On the plus side, it’s seriously  cleared my guts out this morning.

     The Circle:

    The DOGS Hash House Harriers Shanghai run 704 circle

    The Pack

     We gathered on the corner opposite the Xinjiang place that wasn’t our bash, and the walkers  very kindly went to buy some beers. It became apparent, pretty quickly, that none of the new  upper committee were on hand to start the proceedings. Putin being the only ranking  member was asked to step in but he bluntly refused. SMC…B also refused on the grounds  that had to suffer this indignation for 2 years, so eventually I stepped up…rah rah rah!
     I appointed Putin as beer bitch, because he deserved it, called in the hare for some  fabricated allegations, called in the visitors and opened the floor for charges.

    ’ll be totally honest, I don't remember anything that was said but I’m sure it was all hilarious.  Earlier in the day, Corgi Sperm sent a message to the group; “Got a Taipei Hasher visiting  Shanghai H3 this Thursday . Anyone got info for this week’s run?”
     Here’s the thing, we had a visitor from Taipei, Ray (Steve Irwin on lesser hashes), so I  naturally assumed this was Corgi’s mate, so I asked him how he was doing, and Ray replied,  “never heard of him, no idea who you’re talking about”, so i think there’s a strong chance we l eft another visitor behind at the start somewhere, oh well! We had to name him quickly as  he wasn’t staying for the bash. Quick as a flash, without consultation, I named him Black  Shuck (1).

    The DOGS Hash House Harriers Shanghai run 704

     No one had a clue what I was going on about, it was a thing Dogshit and I were talking about,  but we decided that all hashers who come and probably won’t ever come back will be called  Black Shuck (insert number) from now on… Welcome Black Shuck.

    The Bash:
     Yeah, as expected, but much money was made.


     "Give it to me! Give it to me!" she yelled. "I'm so wet, give it to me  now!" She could scream all she wanted, but I was keeping the  umbrella.





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