Dogstoberfest AGM and Run #700

    September 16th 2023 AGM
     PACK: lots

    Attendees: 3DS, SMC-B, SSSP, 8 out of 10, Dogzilla,K9, MCD, RPL, Barbara Woodhouse, Search & Rescue Dog, Just Thomas, Sharpoo, PPP, Pooper Scooper,Dino

    Scribe: MCD

     The 700th DOGS hash ever, and they said it would never last!!!.

     Gentlemen, and the lord looked down upon the DOGS and said, “thou shall have an AGM  and it will be German” and much rejoicing was had.
     Yes, out with the old and in with the new. Expectations were low and were easily met by the  outgoing HM

     The Run:

     As the pack gathered in the middle of Buttfuck PuJersey, a strange sense of foreboding  settled in as we watched the hare approaching from the direction of the run. “He’s only gone  and pre-set it” comments were mumbled, “I thought it was a live run” was mentioned, “where  the fuck is Putin” called out, everyone was confused, probably hungover truth be known.

     The hare gave his instructions and was off. The first check sorted the smart from the  clinically insane. MCD went left, expecting the trail to be a copy of Neutered Bitch’s run, 3DS  went right following exactly the instructions given by the hare of “head for the mud!”.  Valuable minutes were lost securing the hares plan of not getting caught.
     After much shiggy and many local craftsmen pointing and shouting at us that the “bald  foreign monkey pox ridden devil went that way” we found ourselves in the middle of an  abandoned luxury villa complex, Dogzilla was very excited at the prospect of getting a  bargain on one.

     All in all a very decent run, spoiled only by the fact there were no angry villagers or rabid  dogs trying to kill us, not what you expect from a Pudong run.
     The Circle:

     The EX-Hashmasters


     As we gathered to start the circle, a local official promptly came up and asked us if we had  written permission to be in a public area. He seemed quite put out by the fact that a bunch  of, mainly foreigners, probably illegal immigrants, would dare to gather in full view of the
    l ocals. Unfortunately he couldn't muster any back up from his superiors to kick us out so we  continued. As the founder I was asked to start the circle, only because the HM was the hare  and by law not allowed to do it, so I gladly obliged. Instantly I made a schoolboy error and  appointed K9 beer bitch, which meant everyone had to pour their own. This was almost  rectified later when the HM appointed Sharpoo as secondary beer bitch, so then we had 2  non-functioning beer bitches, cest la vie. Lots of accusations were made, beer was drunk,  rah rah rah.
     The first appointments of the new 2023-24 committee were made, and it was 3DS and  myself as scribes (hence these notes), RPL made the new Master of Sleaze, good call,  Sharpoo in the newly created position of Hash Lawyer, available for free consultations day or  night, Hash Cash and Webmaster 8 out of 10, and Tour and Stash Master SMCB.
     Mugs were handed out by the outgoing stash master, and more beer was drunk, rah rah  rah!!!
     More accusations, more beer etc etc, then we were off to the bash.


     The Bash:

     And the lord said, let there be fermented cabbage, and there was sauerkraut, let there be  pork, and there was knuckle, let there be sausages, and there were frankfurter and let there  be beer, and there was much rejoicing.

     Not our normal bash to be fair, but great food and not a chickens foot to be seen anywhere.

     Several beers in, we decided that the other customers would absolutely prefer to not listen to  the paid professional band, instead, we figured, that they would much rather listen to a band  of drunk foreigners playing. Blondie, Putin and myself jumped on stage and performed  renditions of Alice, Highway to Hell, possibly an ABBA number or 2, i’m not sure, it was all a  bit blurry by then, before making our way to the 85%. All in all, a pretty decent AGM!

     The New Committee:
     HM - SSSP
     Vice Master - Search and Rescue Dog  Hash Cash & Web Master - 8 out of 10  Hare Raiser - Putin Poisonous Poodle  Hash Stash & Tour Master - SMC...B  85% Master - RPL
     Hash Scribes - MCD & 3DS
     Hash Lawyer - Sharpoo





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