Shanghai DOGS H3 Run 669


    Danube believe it's been this long since the HM was hare? Let's be Frank(furt), it's time that was fixed.

    This week gives the DOGS an opportunity to celebrate our many German Hunds past, present and future during National Kraut and Frankfurter week.

    This will be an A-A run with a walker's short cut available for those who don't want to put in the Erfurt.
    We will circle up with some cold, Fürst quenching German beers, no rubbish for princes like us!
    We will then finish with a bash location that will have you saying “Man, das Essen war so geil!”

    A is Zeitgeist Bavarian Eatery, 537 Haifang Lu (海防路537号)
    Meet at 645pm for an even more prompt than usual start at 700pm.
    Closest metro is Changping Lu (line 7)

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    RPL says (Feb 17, 2023):

    Fun theme, excellent run/walk, well done the hare!

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