National Scabble Day Run #677

    In case you didn’t know April is celebrated as Active Dog Month, so after long cold winter, this Thursday the trail will be a little bit longer than usual. Even though it has totally no impact on Walkers enjoyable time, The Hare will add up a couple of kilometres for Runners out of generosity. So be ready for a little stretch. After all, beers taste so much better when deserved!
    A to A,
    Meet 6:45pm for 7pm
    200 Wanpng Road,宛平路,200
    Nearest metro Xujiahui (Line 1,9,11) exit 10. 



    Suck My Cock Bitch
    Male Chauvinist Dog
    Rabid Puppy Love
    Horny Hound
    Whore Door Dog
    8 out of 10
    Putin's Poisonous Poodle
    Search & Rescue



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